Sales Funnel Setup and Detail

Now you have seen a few examples of the sales funnel in action, let's take a look at the actual sales funnel control pages so you can see how you edit your sales funnel.


You can get to the Configure Section for your Sales Funnel, by clicking Configure, and then Sales Funnel Setup, then Edit Sales Funnel.

You are now in the section where you can edit the theme and all the content areas of each sales funnel page.

You see here we have the Theme of Salon Selected, the next blank is where you could put a link to your corporate website if you have one, so from the final page of the funnel people can go directly to this link for more information or to purchase your products/services.

You can select from any of our Pre-set Themes on your own, or even have us customize it for you to perfectly fit your company.

Next you can see we are editing the Introduction page, or the first page of the sales funnel. We could add a gateway page in front of this page if we wanted, or have links to gateway pages from this introduction page like we have for Hair Salon in order to use the Sales Funnel as a complete small website vs. just a sales funnel.

Next we input the Title we want to see on the page.

If we do not want to use a theme but completely customize our own page content, we click the Checkbox Here to have the system give you a blank slate to enter in your own HTML.

You can see we have a lot of macros available that we can use to pull information from our setup areas, so should you change your address, or phone number, you can edit it in one place and know your entire Small Business Dream system will update.

Next we have the actual content section we can easily edit. We can do it from the WYSIWYG interface, OR we can click the source tab to work directly in the HTML.

We can then edit the Presentation page, where there are some great features to set.

You can enter your video embed code from YouTube into the box here and it will all just work, OR you can enter it into your source code below as this page does.

Now we have a few sections we need to consider. The first is Enable the Continue button after xx seconds. You can force people to watch your whole intro if you like and not let them continue until they have seen the whole video by suppressing the continue button until 10 seconds before the end of your video. This is useful if you are trying to sift and sort qualified contacts only and them seeing all your content is your way of qualifying them. Not something used for a hair salon, we want them to carry on if they don’t want to see the whole video so we can get them signed up to our newsletter OR to book an appointment, so we set this to just 5 seconds.

The next important setting is Redirect to survey page after xx seconds. We can have the system automatically take them to the Survey page after so many seconds so if they couldn’t find the Next or Continue button, or get distracted, they will eventually automatically find themselves on the Survey page to fill in. Normally you would set this to about 10 seconds longer than the length of the video.

Now we edit the Enter Details or the Survey page. This text will show up at the top of your sales funnel Survey page, AND you can control when you set up a Survey if you want it to show on additional Survey’s you set up or not. You can opt in Survey Setup itself to show or suppress this information, and add custom info to your non default surveys. We will explain more about that on the Survey Setup page.

Below this content, your Data Collection fields will appear, as well as your survey questions. All this in configured in the Survey Setup we will show you later.


Finally we can edit the Thank You page. This is the page they will see if they fill in your survey and join your newsletter, and do not answer any questions that would trigger another page to be shown, or another survey to be given. Again we will explain more about these features in the Survey Setup section.

This is mostly a free form page you would give your contact details, and any other videos or education you wish them to have and a link to various sections of your website if you have one.

You could use more gateway/pages full of content, and have this page link those pages if you plan to use Small Business Dream as your website itself.