Step 1 – Identify

Small Business Sales Blueprint - What is it?

Identify and Eliminate "Sales Pain" fast and cost-effectively with our proven 5 Step System to Quickly Maximize your Sales and Profits with Less Stress.

Step 1 – Identify Sales Pain  
Step 2 – Create Sales Strategy
Step 3 – Implement Sales Tools
Step 4 – Increase Sales
Step 5 – Maximize Profits

A series of 4 one hour private calls with one of our Sales experts to work with you on each section of the blueprint. Based on those calls we then provide you a  comprehensive, customized to YOUR business needs, Step by Step plan as both an e-book and full printed manual with all the details discovered, how to implement the plan, and the tools you could use to accomplish each section.

We will begin the Small Business Sales Blueprint with Step 1, Identify Sales Pain, a 45 minute complimentary call ($300 Value) where our experts Dennis Wilson and Craig Peloquin will help you find a few simple things you can change and implement, often for little or no money, to increase your sales.

You have no obligation to buy anything, and these simple things we find are our gift to you should you not see value in expoloring further.

Should you choose to engage us for the full Small Business Sales Blueprint, we will take you through the proven Sales Blueprint Steps 2 to 5.

In Step 2, Introduce Sales Strategy For Fastest Revenue Growth, we have a 1 hour call to create with you a Data Driven Sales Strategy creating more data, finding and organizing existing data, and providing a plan to use ALL your data for FAST sales growth. We also include the following hard deliverables:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Tune-up including Banner Graphic Design
  2. Facebook Profile Tune-up including Banner Graphic Design
  3. Help you craft the answer that sells to, "who is your ideal client"
  4. 1 minute video of you talking about who is your ideal client
  5. 1 minute testimonial video from one of your clients

Step 3, Implement Sales Tools we analyze the Data Driven Sales Strategy from Step 2, to provide you a comprehensive list of Small Business Sales Tools like Sales and Marketing Automation and Business Directory apps to implement your blueprint and grow sales FAST! As Step 2 helped you create the basic assets required for campaigns/funnels/websites, this step gets to be fun and productive.

We have another 1 hour long call to walk you through these to help you successfully implement.

Step 4, Increase Sales we map out how to utilize the tools identified, and the assets created to find fast increases to your sales with minimal time, cost and effort.

Step 5, Intensify Profits is where we now take all you have learned and help you LEVERAGE it through creative concepts like Joint Ventures, Local Business Directory apps, sales automation techniques and more.