The Ultimate Route Optimization and Local Delivery System so YOU can deliver to YOUR Local Customers using YOUR Staff.

Have YOU considered providing delivery service to YOUR Local Customers to mitigate your losses during Covid-19?

Do customers call to see if you are Open?

Do you answer No?

How about answer YES!

Small Business Dream's Apps enable ANY LOCAL business, not just restaurants, to take phone or internet orders and do deliveries easily with existing staff. No losing 30% to Popular Food Delivery Service apps. From order taking, to optimizing drivers’ route, to you or your customers tracking driver becomes simple and under **$100/month for Small Local Businesses.

With Small Business Dream's DeliveryBizConnect add-on you can utilize laid off staff to now pack and deliver items Locally:

  1. Keep it Simple:
    1. Simply take phone orders by pad/paper add to DeliveryBizConnect.
    2. Add as many as you want to deliver in one delivery run, click calculate.
    3. Driver gets notified of route
    4. Customer notified of Approximate delivery time
  2. For Tech Savvy, you can do more
    1. Full CRM back-end for future promotions and control of your own database.
  3. Bonuses
    1. Bring back staff who you could potentially qualify you for your governments salary help program due to covid.
    2. Keep money and Jobs local vs. giving it up to Foreign Owned delivery Apps.
    3. 3 x 1 hour consultations included for fastest implementation.

Would you like to talk to the Experts to see How it can work for you?




**Additional Setup Fees Vary By Industry