Step 5 – Leverage

Leverage your customer data to bring your customers back more often and introduce new customers to you using often missed or misunderstood campaigns.  Buy 1 get one free, Timed discounts, Specials, and Joint Ventures. Imagine if you could just push a button, and dramatically increase your sales and profitability…

You are free to accept or refuse, but LEVERAGE is the best part of the Profitability Blueprint, sadly, it is also the part that takes the biggest commitment.

To properly leverage, you MUST HAVE and BE IN CONTROL of your customer data. Until recently an email list was good enough, NOT ANYMORE.

Having your data in a useable format will allow you to LEVERAGE your data and customers more effectively.

Email open rates have slipped to 3+ days. This means the average email you send to your customer will not even be SEEN or read for 3 or more days, if it is even opened at ALL!

They are no longer an IMMEDIATE form of communication. If you want to LEVERAGE in the most effective way, you need DIRECT access to your customers mobile phones. Text messages work but even in an automated or semi-automated method they can be expensive at $0.07 to $0.12 each.

If you control your data, you could let your customers JOINT VENTURE with you. You could offer things like a 10% in store credit for any referrals they send you, or fixed item as a thanks. You could offer this one time only, or for the life of your customer turned advocate, you would be in control.

Imagine your happy customers, bringing you their friends. Now that is the ULTIMATE Leverage.

Having direct access to your customers and prospects phones through push notification is the ultimate holy grail but comes at a cost. The only way to do this is to have your customers download a mobile app you have the ability to utilize to send them notifications. Your own mobile app is an option, but Small Business Dream also has a solution to help you LEVERAGE in a very efficient way with the SBD Business Finder App.


SBD Business Finder & Joint Venture App

The SBD Business Finder and Joint Venture App takes you BEYOND the 5 Step Profitability Blueprint to Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI):

1. Send Instant, Automated, or Semi-Automated push notifications directly to YOUR customers' phone in real time.

Imagine never having an empty seat, or slow day, or excess inventory or capacity again. What would that do to your Sales and Profitability?

2. Access the Joint Venture feature to Joint Venture with any of your customers, their friends, or anybody with the app. You decide.

Imagine offering 5% in cash, credit, or gift cards for somebody referring you a client through the app? Turn your happy customers into Happy Joint Venture partners.

The Best Part is, the SBD Business Finder Directory listing is included when you are a SBD Sales and Marketing Automation subscriber!