Step 3 – Sell

Increase your customer base and profitability with little known sales and marketing techniques like Mobile Business Directories, Sales Funnels, Surveys, LinkedIn Sharpshooting, Micro Focussed Google AdWord and Facebook/Instagram Campaigns as well as Social Media Marketing.

Usually this is the Step in the Profitability Blueprint you are most interested in getting to, but it is often NOT the fastest way to increase profitability.

That said, there are many things this step can entail.

FREE LinkedIn Sharpshooting you, or your underutilized staff, can do in just 10 minutes a day using our simple automation tools to educate and ultimately make sales of YOUR products and services to an endless supply of qualified and ready to buy customers.

Sales Funnels are simply a highly targeted website with a SINGLE outcome being chased. It is VERY different than a website, yet sometimes can replace the website of simpler businesses. It is most commonly used to help promote your highest profit product/service, webinar series, consultation or other lead magnets, directly to a highly targeted audience, leading to more qualified customers and higher profits.

Google and Facebook ads can drive a LOT of sales for you at low cost if you know how to micro target niches to avoid highly contested markets that can bankrupt you with little results.

Want to go crazy and engage your customers and prospects to refer their friends?

Marketing directly to your customers mobile phone without using time consuming and costly text messages or having to manually collect customer data used to be a dream. Now Small Business Dream Turns it into a reality.

Our mobile Business Finder app combined with SBD Sales and Marketing Automation can give you the ability to “Push the button… and almost instantly increase your sales and profitability!”

These are just some examples of little known, low cost, high ROI sales and marketing concepts available. During, “Step 3 – Sell” we will help identify which of these (or other sales and marketing techniques) are worth deploying in your quest for less stress and more sales and PROFIT...our Step 4.