Why Joint Venture?

YOU Can Rapidly Grow your Sales with Joint Ventures!

What if you could grow your sales $9,000 to $100,000 in the next 2 weeks?

Small Business Dream’s Craig and Dennis are excited to announce the official launch of our Business Finder and Joint Venture App.

There is no FASTER way to grow your sales with as little effort as finding Joint Venture Partners.

Many business owners feel finding Joint Venture Partners is complicated. 

Not anymore...

Now there is an APP FOR THAT!  Download FREE Version Now!

You can sell someone else’s products or services to your list, or find others to sell yours.

Imagine what would happen to your sales if your existing customers, friends, family, and entire database each found you a $100 customer?

How about a $1000, or $10,000 customer?

Why Would Your Contacts Want to Help You?

They can apply to be a Joint Venture Partner with you, and you pay them a percentage of sales for the referral.

What if our Joint Venture (JV) App helped you find 15 people who want to Joint Venture with you and brought you 3 customers who each spent $100 next week.

15 Joint Venture Partners x 3 New Customers = 45 New Customers x $100 =

$4500 in NEW SALES.

Now, some of those 45 NEW customers would also Joint Venture with you and bring you even more new customers.

Let's say they brought you 1 new customer who spent $100 next week?

45 new customers x $100 each = $4500

Total NEW Sales Next Week: $9000

What if your average sale was $1000? $90,000 in new sales sounds even better!

The Joint Venture App makes it EASIER to implement the Joint Venture Techniques we have been teaching business owners for years to Rapidly Grow Their Sales.

Remember, THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT! Download FREE Version Now!

Small Business Dream’s Business Finder and Joint Venture App listing bundled with our Sales, Marketing and Email Automation CRM and Database Software normally sells for $999/year.

It Includes a TON of VALUE:

  1. 1. Business Finder Directory Listing allows you to offer a “DEAL” to all FREE Business Finder Directory Users. Value: $299.00. Learn More
  2. 2. Joint Venture Listing allows you to offer a percentage of sales to JV partners in Cash, store credit, or a promotional gift. Value: $499.00. Learn More
  3. 3. Small Business Dream's Sales, Marketing, and Email Automation CRM & Database Software annual license includes:
    1. 1. CRM
    2. 2. Database
    3. 3. Sales Funnel Creator
    4. 4. Simple Website Builder
    5. 5. Automatic Emails
    6. 6. Scan Business Cards and have emails sent automatically
    7. 7. Business Finder Listing
    8. 8. Joint Venture Listing
    9. 9. Surveys
    10. 10. LinkedIn Sales System control
    11. 11. and more. Value: $999.00. Learn More
  4. 4. 1 year in our Small Business Dream Facebook group where you get support on how to use SBD and help on how to maximize your growth. Value: $1200.00.

$2997 worth of Value. Regular price $999/year.

We have an IRRESISTABLE offer for you if you act FAST.

This entire package until December 24th at MIDNIGHT...

$999.00 ---->   $297.00 USD for 1 Year!


Need more time? 12/25 - 12/31 PRICE INCREASES TO $497 USD for 1 year.

Need Even more time? 01/01/20 - 01/07/20 PRICE INCREASES FURTHER TO $697 USD for 1 year.

As of January 8, 2020, our Regular $999 price WILL RETURN

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ACT NOW and we will make YOUR 1 Year Subscription end on December 31st, 2020 giving you the days left in December as a BONUS!

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If you have further questions, please call us at +1-604-900-2384, or hit us up on Facebook or LinkedIn, or email us at: craiganddennis@smallbizdream.com.

Still Not Sure How it Works?

Download the FREE version of the JV App. This will allow you to see what other FREE app users see.

Register the app and when prompted for your "Code" enter THETOP. This will connect you to us, and you will see OUR joint Venture Offer. Click the JV button once you are in the APP.

Your purchase of an annual listing in our Business Finder and Joint Venture App. would allow you to have a listing just like ours for all our FREE APP users to see.

Learn More on How To Capitalize On Joint Ventures

Get Our JV Bundle NOW for ONLY $297...


*** Money back Guarantee is based upon you doing at least the following before deciding it is not working.
Adding your listing to the Business Finder Directory

Adding your JV to the Business Finder Directory

Getting at least 30 customers, friends, family, or contacts download the app and enter your code.