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Small Business Dream is the Sales and Marketing Automation tool Small Business owners WISH they could find. Are you familiar with the Story of David and Goliath where David took down Goliath with three simple things, a stone, a sling, and really good aim. Your stone is your ability to SELL, your sling is Small Business Dream, and your great aim is our books, "Small Business Profitability Secrets", and the, "Boost your Small Business Profits with LinkedIn".

How Does Small Business Dream Grow your Sales?

Whether you are a Restaurant, Carpet Store, Contractor, Salesperson, Hair Salon, Lawyer, Dentist, or any other Small to Medium sized business owner or manager, growing, caring for, and communicating with your customer database are keys to revenue and profitability.


Powerful CRM

Master your relationships with your customers. Manage leads, contacts, organizations all from within SBD. See every email sent, note added and update contacts so you're always updated


Sales Funnel

By using the sales funnel, and by quantifying the number of prospects at each stage of the process, you can predict the number of prospects who will, in time, become customers


Survey Creator

A simple poll? In-depth market research? We’ve got you covered. Create any type of survey—from simple to sophisticated—with our powerful and easy-to-use survey builder


Business Card Transcriptions

Super-accurate human transcription, so you have the information you need, when you need it. Our transcription services save you time so you can get back to what matters



Use our action list to keep you on task with what you should be doing when you should be doing it. Make calls, send text messages or social messengers when you need to all from within SBD


Go Mobile

Take your sales on the road with our mobile app. It's even easier to blast through your action list using our app that's available on iOS and Android devices


Why Small Business Dream?

If there was a way to dramatically increase your Small Business Profitability with Sales and Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Automation, Sales Funnel, CRM and Mobile App you can share with YOUR customers up to 20000 credits per month, and it also included an Online Survey Engine, Business card scanning and transcription service, automated email and semi automated social media follow up, would it be worth just 5 minutes and 23 seconds of your time to learn more?


Your time is limited, you NEED Sales, Marketing, Email, and Social Media Automation

Small Business Dream increases your sales and profitability by growing your prospect list and customer list, collecting your prospect and customer information, selling more to your customer and prospect database, following up better and automatically or semi-automatically, and effortlessly educating your customer base to reduce your costs and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Small Business Dream helps with Sales, Marketing, Social Media and Email Automation

Get More Customers!

New Customer Acquisition is the lifeblood of any Business. Whether you currently get customers by advertising, signage, social media, yellow pages, word of mouth, business card fishbowl draws, referrals or any other method, you need a way to automatically collect the data into a mobile CRM, qualify the customer, follow up by email AND push notifications to their mobile device, and educate them.

Customer Database

One of the biggest challenges of small business whether you own a restaurant, retail store, dry cleaner, flower shop, clothing store, shoe store, grocery store, travel agent, carpet store, furniture store, pub, liquor store, accounting firm, law firm, sign shop, or pretty much any other small business is the ability to know and efficiently communicate with your customers.

You need a way to easily collect your customer’s contact information and the ability to both communicate with and educate your customers automatically.

It is far less costly to sell more and or more often to your existing customers than to find new ones, you increase revenue the fastest by controlling your existing customer’s data. We will begin to show you the power of Small Business Dream with that in mind.

Customer Communication

Communication is the key in any Small Business. Small Business Dream does communication right by allowing you some powerful tools.

  • Email some or your entire customer database with the push of a few buttons
  • Send a Monthly Email Newsletter to all your customers who subscribe
  • Send pre-formatted SMS or Text Messages to all or some of your database
  • Create Email, Text or SMS series to send to your subscribers automatically timed from the day they subscribe.
  • Call, Skype, use What’s App, Viber or communicate by voice however you like with your customers and keep notes on each communication. You can also track when your next follow up will be.

Every business can benefit from being able to send out an Email to either its entire database, or a segment thereof. Write it once, push a few buttons, and off it goes to your chosen recipients.

A monthly Newsletter sent by email to all your subscribers can also help generate and keep business interest.

You could run an Email promotion of a special price, or a special menu, or a once in a lifetime item, or a once in a lifetime clear out sale etc. to bring your customers back over and over even after you had slipped their mind.

Make email, SMS and text Series that educate, follow up, Up Sell or automatically suggestive sell additional items days, weeks, or months later to your customers. More on educational based emails will follow in the next section.

Calling may seem old school, but it is still very much a part of business today, our action list allows you to know who to call and when, AND you have a full notes history on what you have ever talked to them about.


Customer Education

As Small Business Dream comes with full email and text auto responders, you can slowly and automatically drip feed your clients’ information on topics they expressed interested in.

Auto responders are simply automated timed communications you set to go out at predetermined time intervals from when the client signed up or you enrolled them to your newsletter or information series.

Imagine a carpet store up-selling a client to hardwood with an automated series that educates on the advantages over carpet. How about a hair salon educating their customers on the latest hair straightening, color, or perm techniques and trends? This could potentially take a simple haircut up to a premium and more profitable service like hair color, perm, or straightening.

You could also use auto responders to educate on products or services the customer just bought in order to increase client satisfaction and/or reduce support costs.

How about remind them maintenance or service that is a recommended to keep their purchase in optimal repair?

Customer Feedback

Our simple survey maker can allow you to reach out to your database at any time for their feedback.

You can use it as a way to enter new clients into Small Business Dream based on examples above.

You can use one as a part of the sales funnel as a way to qualify customers.

You can make custom surveys and send them out in a link in an email to your database to get feedback!

These are just some of the ways Small Business Dream will help your business!

If we have not got your creative juices flowing on how Small Business Dream can help your particular small business, simply submit a support ticket by clicking the support link below under the, "Wow Me!" category and we will have a qualified consultant reply within 2 business days with what features and how you could use them for increasing revenues of YOUR actual business!

Affordable Plans For Any Size Business

Upgrade your plan at anytime

$369 USD/Year
$499 CAD/Year
Basic SBD Business Finder Directory Listing
20,000 credits/month
Add/Search Contacts
Automated Email Follow up (autoresponders)
Sales Funnel
Online Survey Engine
Mobile CRM
Business Card Scanning and Transcription
Mobile App for YOUR customers
Push Notify ALL your Customers***
Private Facebook Help Group
$3699 USD
$4999 CAD First Year
200,000 top up credits/month
Mentoring - Oversee your Sales Team **
Add/Search Contacts
Automated Email Follow up (autoresponders)
Sales Funnel
Online Survey Engine
Mobile CRM
Business Card Scanning and Transcription
Mobile App for YOUR customers
5 hours 1 on 1 Sales Automation Consulting
10 hours Sales Funnel Set up done for you
Push Notify ALL your Customers***
Private Facebook Help Group
** Small Business Dream Corporate adds a "mentoring" function allowing you to connect to other Small Business Dream licenses to oversee your sales team. Small Business Dream optional services give you professional help to fully customize and set up your Small Business Dream for maximum benefit.

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Trusted by Business Around the World:

Small Business Dream keeps me on top of all my prospects, I just love the Action List of all those I need to follow up with today, whether by phone, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other instant messaging or social networking platform. The Automated email and Semi-Automated email follow up features constantly amaze me how I sell $25,000 software packages from an email that goes out automatically 18 months after first contact!
- Dennis W.
I went from obscurity in a Carpet store chain as a salesperson to the number one salesperson in the chain within 30 days of implementing Small Business Dream, and my small stores sales have almost doubled as a result! Now the whole chain is looking to implement it!
- Craig P.
I love how SalesPerson Dream has helped my hair salon, the automatic follow up gets us back many clients that would have otherwise gone elsewhere due to a special promotion, and our ability to do a blast to ALL our clients in the mobile CRM by email AND Mobile app with a limited special to fill our chairs allows us to have very little losses due to an empty chair!
- MF.
Simply getting all my small restaurant customers to fill in a simple feedback sheet and offer the ability join our newsletter to be entered into a FREE $50 gift certificate each month has allowed us to not only get to know our customers and collect their data in a mobile CRM, but load our restaurant full on our dead nights with creative specials we email out or send by push notifications to our customers who download the mobile ap to everyone the day before. Its like magic!
- Mike O.