DeliveryBizConnect, Have a Prepaid Online Order or Menu Page in 30 minutes. a new module in our flagship CRM and critical component for retail businesses and restaurants to conquer Covid-19. You are only 30 minutes away from a Pre-paid Order or Menu Page giving you the ability to re-hire your staff to do local deliveries saving on popular 3rd Party Delivery Apps 30% Fee.

Book Now to discuss, SmallBizDream's latest addition to our popular CRM. (Only $99/month and no Setup Fees or Sales Commissions during Covid). Book your FREE Consultation Today.

What is the Rapid Sales Growth Blueprint?

The Rapid Sales Growth Blueprint: 5 Step System to Rapidly Grow your Sales and Profits During Covid-19, with Less Stress

Of course you are free to accept or refuse, but...

..wouldn't less stress, more sales, and higher profits be worth spending 45 minutes with our experts to see what we identify as your fastest, easiest, and lowest cost way higher sales and profits?


step 1

Sales Growth

Identify Sales Growth opportunities that can be accomplished quickly and cost-effectively. Offering TakeOut, Curbside Pickup, and Deliveries as a Retail Business now a key strategy with  Learn More...


step 3

Sales Tools

We provide a customized list of Small Business Sales Tools like Sales and Marketing Automation and Business Finder and Joint Venture app to implement your blueprint and grow sales FAST. Learn More...


step 4


Leverage your customer data to bring your customers back more often and introduce new customers to you using often missed or misunderstood campaigns.  Buy 1 get one free, Timed discounts, Specials, and Joint Venture Partnerships. Learn More...




We introduce you to our Data Driven Sales Strategy creating more data easily through Online Order and Phone Orders with or without you doing your own delivery, finding and organizing existing data, and a plan to use your data for RAPID Sales Growth. Learn More...


step 5


Deploy Creative Sales and Marketing Automation, and Semi-Automation including DeliveryBizConnect Phone, Email, and Social Media Follow up, A/B testing (split testing), and polling, to maximize your sales and profitability on your newly organized customer data. Learn More...

Who Do We Help?

Typically, our clients are established retail business owners and restaurants who lack effective automation systems to generate leads and create sales. They notice they are working too hard for the money they make. We provide a done for you solution that helps them grow their sales leading to increased profits with less stress.

Regardless of the size or type of your business, whether you are a Restaurant, Carpet Store, Contractor, Financial Planner, Real Estate Agent, Salesperson, Hair Salon, Lawyer, Dentist, Coach, Mentor, or just about any business, having Craig Peloquin and Dennis M. Wilson work with you to create and implement YOUR Custom Blueprint, will create a dramatic impact on your sales and profits.

Like the Story of David and Goliath where David took down Goliath with three simple things, a stone, a sling, and really good aim... Your stone is your product or service, your sling is the SBD Sales & Marketing Automation Software, and your great aim is our Rapid Sales Growth Blueprint.


Features of Small Business Dream Sales and Marketing Automation Software

Our Sales and Marketing Automation Tools

The ultimate FREE business networking app for those who realize carrying business cards to networking events is not as common as it used to be.

Our BusinessFinder, DeliveryBizConnect and Joint Venture App helps you save money with deals and discounts from LOCAL businesses. You can even Joint Venture with many of them and earn for referring customers.

SBD Sales and Marketing Automation Software and related Mobile app is the ultimate Mobile Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Email Marketing tool.


Small Business Dream helps Over-worked Business Owners Who Sell both Online and Offline, Rapidly Grow Sales with Less Stress.


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