What if you could just push a button... and increase sales?

Small Business Dream has the Sales and Marketing Automation Suite Small Business owners WISH they could find. The Small Business Profitability BluePrint, SBD Sales and Marketing Automation Software, and the SBD Business Finder and Joint Venture App, delivers fast, cost effective sales and profitability gains with a Done For You solution tailored to overworked business owners. Are you familiar with the Story of David and Goliath where David took down Goliath with three simple things, a stone, a sling, and really good aim? Your stone is your product or service, your sling is the SBD Sales and Marketing Automation Suite, and your great aim is our Done For You Solution.

Small Business Profitability Blueprint

Regardless of the type of Small or Medium sized business you own, Restaurant, Carpet Store, Contractor, Financial Planner, Real Estate Agent, Salesperson, Hair Salon, Lawyer, Dentist, Coach, Mentor, having Small Business Dream work with you to create YOUR Custom Profitability Blueprint AND implement it with you, will create a dramatic impact on your sales and profitability.

Of course you are free to accept or refuse, but...

wouldn't business with less stress, more sales, and higher profits be worth spending 60 minutes with our experts for FREE to see what we can Identify as your fastest, easiest, lowest cost way to get there?


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5 Steps to More Customers, Better Profits and Less Stress for YOU

Step 1

step 1


Identify the FASTEST and most cost-effective way to increase your Sales and Profitability

Step 3

step 3


Increase your customer base and profitability with little known sales and marketing techniques like Mobile Business Directories, Sales Funnels, Surveys, LinkedIn Sharpshooting, Micro Focussed Google AdWord and Facebook/Instagram Campaigns as well as Social Media Marketing

Step 5

step 4


Leverage your customer data to bring your customers back more often and introduce new customers to you using often missed or misunderstood campaigns. Buy 1 get one free, Timed discounts, Specials, and Joint Ventures. Imagine if you could just push a button, and dramatically increase your sales and profitability…

Step 2

step 2


It is all about data. Organize what you have. Determine what you need. Develop semi-automated, and/or automated systems to create new data and utilize existing data more effectively

Step 4

step 5


Deploy Creative Sales and Marketing Automation, and Semi-Automation including Phone, Email, and Social Media Follow up, A/B testing (split testing), and polling, to maximize your sales and profitability on your newly organized customer data

Leverage Multiplied - SBD Business Finder & Joint Venture App

Our SBD Business Finder Mobile App allows you to go BEYOND all the techniques we help you with in Step 5 of the Profitability BluePrint and Multiply your results even further.

SBD Business Finder & Joint Venture App allows you two Value Added features no other Sales and Marketing Automation systems to date have.

1. You can send push notifications to YOUR customer's phones in real time, as well as have automated or semi-automated follow ups delivered to their phones.

Imagine never having an empty seat, or slow day, or excess inventory or capacity again. What would that do to your Profitability?

2. You get access to our Joint Venture feature. Joint Venture with any of your customers, their friends, or anybody with the app. The choice is yours.

Imagine offering 5% in cash, credit, or gift cards for somebody referring you a client through the app? Turn your happy customers into Happy referrers.

The Best Part is, the SBD Business Finder Directory listing is included when you are a SBD Sales and Marketing Automation subscriber!

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Who Does Small Business Dream Help?

Typically, our clients are established business owners who lack effective automation systems to generate leads and create sales. They notice they are working too hard for the money they make. They may have looked at or even tried to implement sales and marketing automation in the past, but have seen little results but experienced a lot of frustration. We provide a done for you solution that helps them grow their sales leading to increased profits with less stress.

Features of Small Business Dream


Small Business Dream helps Over-worked Business Owners get More and Better Customers Increasing Profits with Less Stress.



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