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Why Should I List My Business in the Business and Joint Venture Finder App?

In addition to it being the way Joint Venture Partners find and engage with you, it has some incredible additional benefits.

The Business Finder Directory is a list of all businesses who bought a Listing in the Business Finder Directory.

Many of them offer deals or discounts.

Anybody can get the FREE Business and Joint Venture Finder Mobile App by Small Business Dream and upon logging in to the app, they will see all businesses sorted locally to them. If there happens to be a category without any businesses, google business listings will be shown.

This is important as it helps YOUR customers download the app to get whatever you offer them in order to do so, but KEEPS THEM ON the app so you can experience one of the BIGGEST HIDDEN BENEFITS of this app.

Why Would YOU Get YOUR Clients to Download OUR App?

This is a good and very common question.

Once YOUR Customer has downloaded our app, they enter YOUR code. This will lock them to YOUR BUSINESS. Every time they open the App, they will see YOUR business first, before seeing other local listings. This gives you great branding and keeps you TOP OF MIND for your customers.

You will also collect the contact data, including email and phone number of EVERY person who adds YOUR code to the app, or clicks the subscribe button in your listing, verifies a receipt for a purchase at your business, or becomes a JV partner with you. This builds your email database for additional drip campaign capabilities by either email, or text message.

Now the BIGGEST advantage. As long as they have the APP on their phone connected to YOUR code, you can send PUSH notifications, Automatically, Semi-Automatically, or manually DIRECTLY TO THEIR PHONE, in REAL TIME.

Why does this matter?

The Days of Email are OVER!

The average person today takes just over 3 days to see an email. Many millennials never check their emails at all anymore.

Text Messages Give Better Results!

Sadly, there are 2 main issues with Text Messages.

  1. 1. You need a third party service to send them automatically, so they can decide if your content and number of texts being sent is acceptable, and shut you down if they think not.
  2. 2. They can cost anywhere from $0.07 to $0.12 USD each to send with services like Twillio.

Push Notifications are the BEST!

Push Notifications are usually seen and reacted to within 55 seconds!

They are often less than $0.01 USD each to send.

An amazing way to invite your customers back to your business, or educate them on your services, upsell them, downsell them, announce new products or services.

The list of uses for this instant communication capability goes on and on.

As we like to say at Small Business Dream…

What if there was a Button YOU Could Press, and almost Instantly INCREASE YOUR SALES?

This powerful Business and Joint Venture Finder App with your listing, coupled with the entire Small Business Dream Sales, Marketing and Email Automation CRM and Database software is YOUR BUTTON!

We normally sell the Business Finder Directory and JV Listing for $999 per year on its own, and its GREAT advertising, exposure, and SALES GENERATING VALUE.

We Added Even MORE Value to Our Business Finder Directory

We have THROWN IN, our Industry Leading, Sales, Marketing, and Email Automation CRM and Database Software! This software on its own is normally $99/month, or $999/year.

What Does This Mean to YOUR BUSINESS?

The Business Finder and JV app are an amazing way to RAPIDLY GROW YOUR SALES.

Couple it with our Sales Automation Suite and you can 10x YOUR Sales Results.


Imagine collecting your customer data without any additional effort

and being able to invite them back to your business at any time…

with the push of a button

Announcing New Items or Services, or discontinuation of existing items or services…

the possibilities are endless…

How about educating your JV partners, Customers, and even Staff Automatically…?

Our Sales, Marketing and Email Automation CRM and Database Software includes:

  • • 1 Year Joint Venture listing ($499 Value)
  • • 1 Year Business Finder Directory Listing ($299 Value)
  • • 1 Year Subscription for Sales, Marketing and Email Automation CRM And Database Software ($999 Value)
  • • LinkedIn Sales Sharpshooting System ($999 Value)
  • • Super Charge your JV by offering automated Swipe Copy!
  • • Seamless, Frictionless MULTIPLE Data Collection Points:
    • o Real Time Automated Customer Messaging DIRECTLY to their PHONES
    • o As Joint Venture Partners come on board with you, you collect all their information automatically.
    • o As your customers download your app and enter your code, you collect their information automatically
    • o When anyone pays you or upload their receipt in the app, you collect their information automatically
  • • Send YOUR CUSTOMERS messages by push notification DIRECTLY TO THEIR PHONES, IN REAL TIME
  • • Robust Contact Manager
  • • Automated Email or Text Message Follow Up (Your Twillio account required)
  • • Business Card Scanning with Live Transcription which can automatically trigger an email or social networking follow up
  • • Survey Engine
  • • Sales Funnel Creator
  • • Basic Website Creator
  • • Exclusive Facebook Support Group ($1200 Value)

That is $3497 in value for just $999 for 1 year!

It can get better…

Sometimes we have special offers…

Click Here to See if we Have One Today!


Need More information about our Joint Venture App Listing?

Need More information about our Sales, Marketing, and Email Automation CRM and Database Software?

Want to Joint Venture With US and our Business and Joint Venture Finder App Listing?

You can earn 35% credit towards our software and Rapid Sales Growth Blueprint, or 20% in Cold Hard Cash!

It is FREE to Join

Here is how:

  1. Download the FREE Business and Joint Venture Finder App from FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE.
  2. Open the App and Click Register
  3. Enter OUR CODE: thetop which you will be asked for AFTER you enter your simple details on page one of register.
  4. Click on our Listing and hit the JV button, click the version you wish to participate in, 35% Credit or 20% Cash