Step 4 – Profit

In Step 4, the work begins. We take all the THEORY and DATA and TOOLS of Step 1 to Step 3 and craft a custom plan you implement including what tools to use, campaigns to run, and budgets of both time and money required for each step.

You will likely deploy Creative Sales and Marketing Automation, and Semi-Automation including Phone, Email, and Social Media Follow up, A/B testing (split testing), and polling, to maximize your sales on your newly obtained and organized customer data.

This could include:

  • Re-working or adding to your website
  • Re-working your LinkedIn Profile
  • Creating Sales Funnels
  • Copywriting for sales prospect follow up, sales lead follow up, customer follow up, customer or prospect education
  • Working on your “ideal client” description to increase your conversions
  • Structuring Ad Campaigns with targeted or traditional media
  • Implementing Sales and Marketing Automation software
  • Having your own custom version of “The button you can press… and almost instantly increase your sales and profitability.”

Here is where you are most likely to stop. You will feel you are done. Everything is perfect. Sales are rising. Your stress levels have dropped. “Step 4 – Increase Sales” is where it is at…

Wait till you experience “Step 5 – Maximize Profit