Contact Manager Setup

The contact manager is very powerful and efficient. You WILL stay on top of client follow up. You access the Contact manager by clicking on the Name of the contact from the Action list, All Contacts, OR Social Actions. 

  1. Time zone you will notice becomes available to be set if you click on the current local time for this customer, its best if you are international to make sure to add this data to your survey data so it is set by the customer or prospect themselves. You also have in your settings area a place to set whether it is daylight savings for YOU or not to put in the appropriate time offset.
  2. You can add a picture to this person here by clicking on the pen as well as size it. If you do enter the data by way of a business card scan, the business card scan will show here. As you can see in this contact the business card shows.
  3. You can select Gender of the contact by clicking the little person icon beside the first name field.

As you type a company name, it will auto lookup from any other company names you have entered into the system to ease data entry. Also you can bring up all the people you have in Small Business Dream that are with that same Company by clicking the people icon beside the company name.

In this case if I click this icon, you can see that two people in this system are with the company Sales Person Dream, Dennis and Judo, and you can access their records by clicking on their name.

Beside the company name field, you find Category, here you can select from existing categories, w

hich then become searchable in the search interface, as well as add/edit and order the categories with the list icon beside the categories dropdown.


As you can see after clicking the list icon, we see all the available categories, and have the ability to change their name, delete them, set the language where they will show up, set what order they will be shown on the list, and we see what date they were initially entered. We can add a new one, and update or delete an existing.

Add Contact Method allows you to add as many contact methods as you have for this contact. By clicking it you can see we get a new blank to select a contact type from as well as enter the details associated to that contact type.

We can set which is the primary contact method by just clicking the grey box beside any contact method that is not green or already primary. Doing so automatically has that contact type become your primary and float magically to the top of the list.

The checkmark icon saves the current information.

The Trash Can Icon deletes the contact method

The wireless logo allows you to subscribe this contact to a follow up series of your choice, it could be a social series, or just an email or text/sms series.

You will see you can select the series as well as see the type of series, set their status, and set the next date you wish the series to be sent.

You can also create or edit a series from this page.

Manage Contact Types allows you to add/edit and set the order of the list of available contact types.

Last Contacted in many cases gets set automatically based upon other actions in the system, but you can also manually set it with the date picker, OR by typing it.

Follow Up is the next date you will follow up by phone with this contact, or have an appointment. If you are calling them today and they tell you are away for a week, you will see you can conveniently select next follow up date to 1 week and the contact upon updating will disappear from your Calls list, and not re-appear for 7 days. You can also use the date selector to select an actual date, as well as just type your date, so whichever method is most efficient for you, just works.

Priority is a very versatile feature that gets tied into from many angles while using the system. First you can just set it here. Your Calls list is ordered by priority first, then within priority date added descending. This allows you always to have your best priority clients first, and your newest contacts first within the priority.

You can have an answer to a survey question reset the priority. If you asked the question of what is the budget for your project and they answered $10,000 and you know this makes them a premium contact, you could make them a priority 1 or even 0 so they are above the normal 2 that they come in as if they go through your sales funnel. We have a special button feature that if the button is clicked on your site, it will reset the priority. So maybe you ask a simple question, would you be interested in getting started today, and if they clicked yes you make them a priority 1 if they say no you reset them to a priority 5. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t worry, if the Pre-Set Sales funnel doesn’t fit you perfectly, you have control with all these great features to tweak things yourself, or you can always contact us and utilize one of our great consulting packages to have one of our experts do it with you.

Now let’s take a look at the phone script. We have set up a simple one for this demonstration, but the framework allows as much detail and definition as you like. You will notice in this case the name of the person being called is automatically inserted, as is the owner of the Small Business Dream system. Our Sub Users license can allow you to set up various Sub Users as users, so they can have their information auto populated to the phone scripts as well. If you can imagine a follow up script, our experts can help you populate it if you can’t do it on your own.


Add Note field is where you can add notes based upon your conversation you had, or as we like to do paste any email communications into a note so you have a clear picture of all communications by any medium with this customer or prospect.

To the right you can see the Left Message button, pressing this is the same magic described earlier, it will stamp a note in automatically saying you tried to leave a message, send the customer/prospect an email saying you tried to leave a message, and update their next follow up date to 3 days from today. The content of the Left Message email is customizable by you in the Action Subscriptions area.

You can see some other automated buttons as well, you can set whatever content to the email you like so when you click on any of the options of Bad Time, Interested, Wrong Number, No Answer you can have your chosen email go directly to the person and have a note stamped and next follow up date automatically set to 3 days, so you can move on to the next person on your Action list.

If you click the No Contact button, it will automatically set their priority to 10, and set their next follow up date to Never, but it will leave them in any email series you have them in in order to keep dripping on them.

You will notice in the update area you can pick to update the record which will leave you in the record to do more work or take more notes.

OR you can click Update and return to the Action list

OR Update and return to the All Contact list.

This just makes navigation and getting to your next action faster.

With Custom email you can do an email on the fly right from the system that will be recorded in your notes area after it

is sent. It is sent back end with our mail servers vs. through your own account.


You could also choose to Access the Action Subscriptions area to set up either an email OR a Social series for this contact.

You can also select from any of your pre-set quicksend emails pre-populated with client data by macro.

You can delete a contact, you will get a verification after you push delete to make sure you aren’t doing it in error.

Next, we have your notes history listing all the notes you have left, and all notes the system has added automatically so you have a complete view of all that has happened with this contact

Last, you see the Survey Questions and Answers so you can see how they responded to your surveys.

If we scroll back up to the top, we can access other tabs where we can find more information. Most of the work happens from this tab, but the other tab has more data fields and the ability to do custom data fields as well.

The Address tab has all the address details, should you have collected them in a survey, or using your sales funnel, you would see the details here, otherwise you can add them manually and edit them here.

The Misc. tab has some interesting functionality.

Client ID is so you can track any ID that you use in another System, which becomes searchable so easy to cross reference your systems.

Spouses Name, if you enter this, you can have it auto populated by Macro into the Anniversary Email.

Anniversary Email can be set to auto send an email of your choice on their anniversary.

Birthday Email can automatically send a Happy Birthday email on their birthday, an EXCELLENT time to offer some kind of a birthday special!

Uncheck to Permanently Stop Emails. If someone OPTS OUT from any email the system sends, this will get switched. OR if the call and ask you to opt them OUT it is best to use this switch vs. just suspend their campaign. This will make sure no matter what happens you cannot send to that email again on purpose OR by accident. A much safer option than accidentally getting on the wrong side of spam laws by a rogue employee doing an email blast and getting people who had opted out!


The Custom Data Tab allows you to add custom data fields to collect.

By clicking add a new Field you can add a Field #, the text you want to describe the data you are going to collect, and the Type of data you want to collect.

Should you select dropdown, or radio box, or check box, you will need to add the attributes which are the things they can choose from.

All Contacts – this is a list of all your contacts in the system listed by date entered into the system with the most recent first. You can re order them and search as well. Search will search for all details of name, number or even notes within the contact. From this list you can also go into the full contact manager for a contact.